About Me

Thanks to Raphael Rodriguez for top left borrowed image.

I help smart leaders run drama-free teams so that they can support their staff without dealing with constant turnover. I can help you stay true to your mission so that you can get back to enjoying your job and the rest of your life.

I will offer you:

  • Tools to determine how you are showing up at work. The leader sets the tone. What tone are you setting?
  • Opportunities to explore what holds you back, without judgement
  • Space to work through and learn from the icky stuff
  • Time to figure out what serves you and what doesn’t
  • A roadmap to being the leader you always intended to be

I am a Certified Professional Coach with 20+ years working with leaders at all levels. I am also a runner, a yoga-er, a mom, a wife, a dog-lover, and an avid reader.

My clients come from all professional sectors and work with me both in-person and virtually. They love working with me because, as one person put it, I am a “no BS hoot.” Sound good? Let’s talk!