About Me

Thanks to Raphael Rodriguez for top left borrowed image.

I help Gen X former athletes develop their “Second Half Strategy” so that they can stay active and powerful through middle age and beyond.

I will offer you:

  • Opportunities to explore what holds you back, without judgement
  • Space to work through and learn from the icky stuff
  • Time to figure out what serves you and what doesn’t
  • Support to get across your own self-designed finish line

I am a Certified Professional Coach, a runner, a yoga-er, a mom, a wife, a dog-lover, a group fitness instructor, and an avid reader. I have also played 5 different sports, played classical and rock music, sold books, and trained and managed other people who sold books.

There are lots of coaches to choose from out there. I am the only one who has the special blend of everything you see on this page, and if that speaks to you, let’s get started!