Guten Tag Coaching

Work Doesn’t Have To Be Soul-Sucking

I help smart leaders run drama-free teams so that they can support their staff without dealing with constant turnover. I can help you stay true to your mission so that you can get back to enjoying your job and the rest of your life.

You became a leader so that you could do things differently. You wanted to show the world that running a successful team didn’t have to mean becoming The Man. You wanted to be the change!

And yet? You have found yourself putting fires out all day: personnel drama, operational inefficiencies, and demands from others you can’t even begin to meet. You try to be approachable and collaborative, but then you struggle to get everything done.

You want to be able to be fulfilled in your job AND your life without treating people unfairly or inequitably. Where’s the balance?

Does this sound like you?

  • You run a small business that’s scaling faster than you can keep up
  • Your non-profit struggles to operate smoothly and stay true to its mission
  • You manage a team in a larger organization that could operate more smoothly

And what you want more than anything is to:

  • Empower your team without dis-empowering yourself
  • Use your expertise to effect meaningful change
  • Get back to feeling energized by what you do

You know you have so much to offer, you just need support to understand how to get back to being the leader your were meant to be.

I believe that you have everything you need to be an amazing leader within your heart, your mind, and your gut. I would love to help you learn to listen to what you know to be true without letting all the outside noise get in the way.

People Who Have Worked With Me Said:

Thanks to Frances, I’ve learned to tackle workplace challenges with newfound confidence. Her guidance has equipped me to navigate tough conversations and handle difficult individuals with grace and assertiveness, transforming how I approach professional interactions. I’m incredibly grateful for her expertise and support.

Tempy W., Marketing

Working with Frances has allowed me to find myself able to be calm about stuff even when it’s not calm stuff. Others have noticed that my anxiety is less palpable, because I have learned to realize what I can control and what I can’t.

Laurie R., Educator

“Frances has a coaching style that pulls you into the inner work we all need, but can’t do alone. I came into each session with different levels of challenges and head clutter, and Frances offered the perfect amount of space for me to feel vulnerable, real, and honest.”

Stephanie E., Organizational Development

“Frances coached me through some big transitions happening in my life – both professionally and personally. Her ability to go beyond the surface of the challenge to the root of the thought patterns driving my behaviors through profound questioning not only helped me with those transitions, but impacted my thought patterns to provide benefit long-term. I am so thankful for Frances’ calm energy and skilled questioning – she held a space for me when I needed it most, which helped me define moving forward in a way that was most meaningful to me.”

Heather C., Strategic Initiatives

“Frances’ coaching illuminated my path and helped me to establish important goals through a challenging life transition.  Frances was able to help me discover emotions that were underlying key thoughts and decisions about my career and personal life.  She held space for me to explore difficult emotions with compassion and kindness. She helped me improve trust in myself to feel confident to continue to step forward into the person I want to become.”

Christine T., Small Business Owner

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