Get Active Stay Active Approach

Hey, Gen X! Remember when you used to wake up, grab a Pop-Tart, and go ride bikes all day? Now you are so busy with work, family, and existential dread, you wake up, grab a Kind Bar, and put out fires all day.

You know what you are supposed to do to be active: ditch the doom-scrolling and get off the couch. You can even come up with 50 things to do instead and 50 reasons why it’s a good idea. And yet, when that moment of free time arrives, it’s like someone put Gorilla glue on the couch… and on the phone. Why is it so hard?

People hire me to figure out how to add movement into their already busy lives so that they don’t have to feel like shit anymore.

We start by finding your Momentum, working together to uncover what being active looks like for you (not what some fitness influencer says you just have to do). Starting where you are with what you have means that you know you are Capable. No fancy products or gimmicks!

Once you get moving, we will focus on finding the Time in your schedule to make it happen without dropping any of the other balls you need to keep in the air. What a Relief to know you can make time for yourself without sacrificing anything else (and you already know that will help you with all that other stuff, too!).

The next layer builds on the progress you have made so far, finding Consistency so that you stop getting derailed by weather, travel, and the bajillion other things you can’t control. You know why? Because you are Adaptable!

And with all that comes Possibility, because the thing you have been beating yourself up about skipping is now a part of your life and is bringing you results that make you Proud.

Results like:

  • Adding strength and flexibility so that you can get back to being a badass.
  • Being comfortable in your clothes without wearing only caftans.
  • Having the energy to go see your favorite band and your kid’s soccer game.
  • Finding out the world doesn’t end when you stop taking care of All. The. Things.
  • Ending the cascade of self-made conditions and just enjoying yourself.

Clients meet with me weekly or bi-weekly via Zoom or option for in-person in the Austin area. Contact me for a free consultation call.

One-On-One Coaching

If you want to be more active, I can help you develop your Second Half Strategy so that you can stay healthy through every season of your life. Using my signature Get Active Stay Active Approach (see above!), we will meet every other week to get you moving so that you feel comfortable in your body and capable of doing all the things you need and want to do.

Book a no-cost discovery call to learn more.

Small Group Programs

Get Running Stay Running

This group is for experienced runners who:

  • Have a race or races on the horizon that they want to sign up for and run
  • Have a specific running-based goal such as running faster, running farther, or running more consistently
  • Do not have a specific race or goal in mind, but feel like running has become a slog and want to get excited about it again.

Meeting twice a month for 6 months, we will work on developing your specific goal and how you plan to get there, making time for it on your schedule, dealing with roadblocks that get in your way, and ensuring you get to your finish line feeling strong, proud, and ready to keep running.

Now enrolling! Sign up here to learn more!

5K Your Way: Beyond The Free Online Training Program

There are lots of reasons to train for a 5K beyond running fast. With this group, you will identify your goal(s), choose a training program, and work with Coach Frances and each other to get past your own roadblocks, figure out why getting up at 5 AM is so hard (and why you don’t necessarily have to), and how you can reach those goals so that you feel strong and powerful, regardless of how fast you cross the finish line.

ELI Assessment (available for groups or one-on-one)

Your reality is the sum of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions about yourself, others, and the world. While each of us has a unique combination of The 7 Levels of Energy, yours is specific to your own viewpoints, perceptions, and beliefs about life. How could this breakdown impact your life?

With the research-backed ELI assessment, you’ll experience profound and practical insights you can use to understand your worldview and transform your life into the ideal one you envision. Discover your unique energetic makeup by taking an ELI assessment followed by a 90-minute debrief with me. $200 (Includes $60 cost of assessment) Contact me for details.